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Food Truck Rentals

2016 Promaster 2500 Corporate Fleet

Brand Start Ups

If you're ready to roll out your idea and can't afford a brick and mortar location or just aren't sure how the idea will be received then rent our food truck and test it out. We intentionally left the canvas blank for our renters to advertise their brand accordingly. We have daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Business Dining and Universities

If you are a food service operator and want your chefs to have a little fun this season, rent our food truck to get outdoors. Rent our truck for onsite BBQs, large event functions and more. It's simple, you use your staff, your food, your sales.

Parks and Rec & Field Sport Events

If your school is lacking a concession stand, or has a remote location, our food truck may fit the bill. Your department can rent it and operate it or just hire us and we'll serve at your event under our Mini Munch Food Concept

Mobile Kitchen Solutions


Temporary Kitchen

If you site if under going renovations or just isn't operating. You can rent our food truck and still serve your customers. Consider utilizing our Food Trucks for contingency planning as well. 

Food Truck Catering

Hire us to cater your next event, we can handle anything from a small 20 people party to a 1000 + people wedding. And we do not require a minimum head count to show up... 

Workplace Catering & Pop Up Vendor

Invite us to your next employee or client appreciation day, team building exercise or simply to reward your staff with gourmet food. We cater to corporate sites, healthcare, university and much more. We also can take over a station in your cafe and run our Mini Munch Food Truck specials for the day.

Small Site Solutions

If your building is too small to have a staffed and full service cafeteria then hire us, we will show up every day on an agreed upon time and serve your populations. We also include indoor pop-ups with different themes. 

Kitchen Management


Food Truck Concierge Services

If you own/operate a brewery, distillery, winery or any operation which books food trucks, we can handle that service for you. We have many partnership with food truck and can handle the scheduling. You worry about the booze and we'll worry about the food...

Brewery or Bar Food Counters

If you've built a small kitchen in your brewery or bar and decided not to use it because you'd rather focus on the  booze, then no problem, we can manage the space for you. We can install our Mini Munch food concept which includes rotating and seasonal menus to include vegan options. 

Food Truck Storage and Commissary

Food trucks looking for a licensed commissary to produce your food? We are your solution, our kitchen will meet you basic needs. Tired of frozen water lines and cracked water heaters.... Our warehouse is large enough to accommodate your truck over the winter and cold months.